Family of Jerks

Last Sunday, my family and I were, um, “lucky (not really)” enough to meet a family of complete jerks last Saturday. We were at the pool, and my brother and I were playing catch with a squishy ball, one of those that is meant to be in the pool. Suddenly these two girls, younger than me, got right in the middle of our game and intercepted my throw. They then denied that they had our ball, and their mom (rudely!) denied it too when my mom asked her about it.

But that’s only the beginning. This family (the mom, dad and two girls) happened to have their stuff set up right next to where we had ours. Around the same time our own ball went missing, the lady from the other family gave us this other ball, a colorful beach ball they had “found” earlier. Later, my brother and I were playing with THAT ball when that same lady suddenly caught it and swam away with it. Then she and HER family began playing with it. They said they “decided they wanted it back.” Not only that, but when my other, eight-year-old brother was swimming harmlessly by those horrible people, that lady swore at him! And my mom couldn’t even drag an apology out of her.

Well, needless to say, that made me pretty angry inside for the rest of the day. I’m moving on, but I’m pretty sure those people still have our ball. *sigh*


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Do this! So funny!

My mom saw this on Facebook and showed it to me. It’s hilarious!!! Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1) Go to Google Maps.
2) Go to “Directions.” Type “China” in the “Start” box and “Taiwan” in the “End” box.
3) Enter. Go to Step 48 in driving directions. Laugh. Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh.
4) Done.
5) Wait! Don’t forget to type a response in the comments. Thanks!!!

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Smoking in New York City

Back in May 2011, New York City banned smoking in outdoor public parks and beaches; the City Council said that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale any secondhand smoke. This has raised a question: is it going too far? While banning smoking indoors has become a popular idea, is banning it outside crossing the line? What do you think?



A few days ago, my dad showed me music from Canadian band Rush, and their music is amazing! The one I now really like is The Camera Eye; it’s an amazing, eloquent song with meaningful, moving lyrics and a unique theme – not like most pop/rock songs. Since it’s nearly eleven minutes long, it never did become a radio hit, but anyone who gives it a chance gets a good chance of loving it.

Other Rush songs like Countdown and Losing It are also awesome. I’m glad my dad showed me them – I had heard of Rush and one or two of their songs, but now I really recognize them as brilliant. Listen to a Rush song; they are only three people but they sound wonderful.

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Ghosts From Flight 401

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was a Lockheed Tristar coming in to land in Miami. The landing gear was lowered, but the light that indicated the front gear had locked in place didn’t turn on. All three members of the cockpit crew: captain, first officer and engineering expert, were worried that the plane couldn’t land safely, and it was pitch dark out over Miami. The captain decided to circle around and try landing again, and programs the Tristar’s sophisticated auto-pilot to fly at 2,000 feet. Then, the plane circled over the Everglades to try landing in Miami again. Read the rest of this entry »

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EA Mobile Games

Monopoly, The Game of Life, Scrabble. These games are always a great pastime, but now, there’s a new way to get them: on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Electronic Arts has teamed up with Hasbro to create mobile versions of classic board games, and you can buy them on the Apple Store for great low prices. Now, these games are easier to play, set up and look especially amazing on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display screen (and iPod Touch 4). And the iPhone/iPod’s unique features make the games even better; in Monopoly, you shake to roll the dice. In the Game of Life you twirl your finger on the touch screen to spin. 3-D graphics make the game a beautiful experience, and there are so many games to choose from. There are board games like Monopoly and Risk, video games like the Sims 3, and even games exclusively from EA, like Survive High School. So if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad, definitely look into this, especially if you have one with Retina Display. And, of course, confirm that you like the actual game! And that you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Buy Monopoly app!

Buy Scrabble!

Buy Game of Life!

Buy Risk!

Remember, if you have an iPad, there are HD iPad versions of many of these! And, check out the EA Mobile Games website to see all of there iGames (iGames?!) and any sales going on (look for sales especially during holidays like Christmas or Easter, or at important times of the year, like the summer solstice).

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The Ugly Truth: It’s impossible to check out

Well, you might know that Book #5 of Jeff Kinney’s best-selling series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, about middle-schooler Greg Heffley’s adolescent hardships, is out, and true to its name, it holds the ugly truth that it is nearly impossible to get from the library, despite there being three copies in the catalog.

(*deep breath*)

I have been waiting for WEEKS to check it out and it still hasn’t showed up. Jeez, what are the people who have it checked out DOING with it? And I have it on hold!


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