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Miraculous Hamster

Cleopatra is our family’s hamster, and a few days ago, she went missing from her cage. We searched all over our apartment, and even blocked the space under the door so if was still somewhere in the house, she wouldn’t wander out under the door.

On Saturday morning, Cleopatra was found – in the parking garage of the neighboring building to ours. She was dirty, and thinner than before, but she was very much alive. Yes, she has been keeping to herself a lot since then, but she may have been injured – apparently someone kicked her at one point, so she may be healing.

To make things a little clearer: The hamster crawled out the door, went down several flights of stairs, crossed a busy driveway and survived a parking garage. How she did all this, we don’t know, but I’m just relieved she is okay.

We really can’t let something like this happen again.