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Smoking in New York City

Back in May 2011, New York City banned smoking in outdoor public parks and beaches; the City Council said that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale any secondhand smoke. This has raised a question: is it going too far? While banning smoking indoors has become a popular idea, is banning it outside crossing the line? What do you think?



Bing is stealing from Google?

We all know that the two big competing search engines are Bing from Microsoft, and Google from, uh…Google.

But recently, I heard that Bing is STEALING Google’s search results! Now, I myself think Google is WAY better than Bing, but why would Bing go that far? Using Google’s search for their own search engine? It just doesn’t seem right. I wonder if Bill Gates even knew…

So, I did an experiment. I searched “corn dog” on Google, and here’s what came up:

Then, I tried Bing (sorry, but I had to search “English only” to stop Spanish results form popping up [?]):

The results are different. I tried renewing the search a couple of times, but nothing happened. The top result in Google is Wikipedia; in Bing, it’s YouTube. The search results do look identical, though: blue title, black text and green URL. It even said “[Translate this page]” next to Spanish results, although it seemed to be using Bing Translator, not Google, for this. Still, it was suspicious, so I searched Yahoo!

Jeez! This is weird: not only does Yahoo! have identical result characteristics to Google and Bing, but the results are even CLOSER to Google than Bing was. It just doesn’t fit to me. I’ll sleep on it…

Also check out Tattoodle, an apparent mix between Google, Bing and Yahoo!

What do you think about this whole Google vs Bing thing? Is Yahoo! involved as well?