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Owl City: A new sound…?

Lately I got to listening to Owl City again – the newest album (All Things Bright and Beautiful) through. I suddenly realized something – and thought, what happened? Why? Because I began to notice that I didn’t like some of the songs there, and the way they were so different from those from the 2009 album, Ocean Eyes. An example of this is the song Kamikaze, which was disappointing to me – I just didn’t like the style. A handful of people commented similar opinions to mine on the album’s iTunes reviews.

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened to me – I jumped to the new album too soon. I “pre-ordered” the album on iTunes over a month before it came out; only one song was even available to preview and buy. So I had no way of knowing if it was worth it to buy the whole album right then and there. Yes, I suppose that’s fine – after all, I loved Owl City’s older style and had no idea this would be…different. And I don’t feel hoodwinked or robbed or swindled; I just know that from now on…I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch (in other words, I shouldn’t get my music before it’s released) ;-).


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Speak to a computer, Owl City updates and new blog!

A few weeks ago I heard about a fun website,, which is very simple but very entertaining. All you do is type in a message like you’re instant messaging with a friend and voila! It gives you a computerized answer. Sometimes the answers make sense and sometimes they are hilariously random; sometimes they’re some of both! But we do know that it is NOT a human chatting; it’s a computer! Check it out through the link above. By the way, there is also an iPhone/iPod Touch app for it (I think), as well as an HD version for iPad. These cost money, but you still can use Cleverbot on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with the Safari web browser app since Cleverbot needs no plugin whatsoever.

I love that word – the last one in my last sentence.
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