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X-Plane Airliner: As good as it gets

I love flying, and I love flight simulators, but the problem is…my small netbook doesn’t have the screen resolution for a flight simulator (I know this from downloading a demo of Microsoft Flight Simulator X – it wouldn’t open because of my screen’s resolution, even at maximum!). So, yeah, with no disc drive it looks like no flight simulators on the laptop for me :-(.

But – good news! With an iPod Touch, I can buy a $5 flight simulator on the Apple store: X-Plane Airliner. X-Plane Airliner is a simple and limited but fun flight simulator for iPod Touch and iPhone, where you can fly 9 different jetliner planes: the Boeing 777, 747, 757 and 787; the Airbus A380 and A320; the MD-88 and the retired Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, as well as the supersonic Concorde. (*breath*)

Sure, this program doesn’t have 3D buildings, it only has nine planes, and limited places to fly, but it’s still a great game for five dollars. If you’re looking for some fun flying for a low price, X-Plane Airliner is as good as it gets for the iPod Touch or iPhone. And – there are different versions, too – X-Plane Glider, X-Plane Helicopter, even X-Plane Space Apollo. There is also X-Plane 9, which is also what the desktop version of X-Plane is called. This version has various types of airplanes, not just commercial jetliners. And, if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone fourth generation, you can buy a $10 app called X-Plane HDEF which has the graphics for an iPad and is a combination of at least five other X-Plane apps (including Airliner). This app has extra features and is exclusively for iPod Touch and iPhones fourth generation, and it works for iPad, too.

Yes, I only have the Airliner version, but there are countless X-Plane apps on iTunes for so many different tastes. Here are some screen shots of the Airliner app in action.



























Happy piloting!






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Owl City: A new sound…?

Lately I got to listening to Owl City again – the newest album (All Things Bright and Beautiful) through. I suddenly realized something – and thought, what happened? Why? Because I began to notice that I didn’t like some of the songs there, and the way they were so different from those from the 2009 album, Ocean Eyes. An example of this is the song Kamikaze, which was disappointing to me – I just didn’t like the style. A handful of people commented similar opinions to mine on the album’s iTunes reviews.

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened to me – I jumped to the new album too soon. I “pre-ordered” the album on iTunes over a month before it came out; only one song was even available to preview and buy. So I had no way of knowing if it was worth it to buy the whole album right then and there. Yes, I suppose that’s fine – after all, I loved Owl City’s older style and had no idea this would be…different. And I don’t feel hoodwinked or robbed or swindled; I just know that from now on…I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch (in other words, I shouldn’t get my music before it’s released) ;-).

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Smoking in New York City

Back in May 2011, New York City banned smoking in outdoor public parks and beaches; the City Council said that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale any secondhand smoke. This has raised a question: is it going too far? While banning smoking indoors has become a popular idea, is banning it outside crossing the line? What do you think?


Annoying Orange Game

The Annoying Orange is one of the most popular YouTube series today, and all of them have the same concept, more or less. So you don’t need to be genius to figure out what the new iPod Touch/iPhone game, Kitchen Carnage, is about.

Most of the follow-up episodes to that first one (which, by the way was never expected to take off like it did and inspire the series) are just about the same idea: Orange annoys other fruits and such just about right up to the point when they get chopped up.
But, anyway, the app is very similar: You fling fruits into blenders and onto cutting boards, and get bonuses by flinging them into the vent above the counter and doing other stuff. Get bonus time by throwing a fruit inside an open cabinet, and pass levels by getting a certain amount of points. When you pass a level, you get a new fruit to kill and another blender, as well as some extra time.



All in all, this app is funny, addictive and never gets boring. If you like Annoying Orange, then this app is a must-have. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch. Or iPad! An HD version of this app is now also available, so go check it out!

Click here to get the iPod/iPhone app!
Click here to check out the HD iPad version!


Speak to a computer, Owl City updates and new blog!

A few weeks ago I heard about a fun website,, which is very simple but very entertaining. All you do is type in a message like you’re instant messaging with a friend and voila! It gives you a computerized answer. Sometimes the answers make sense and sometimes they are hilariously random; sometimes they’re some of both! But we do know that it is NOT a human chatting; it’s a computer! Check it out through the link above. By the way, there is also an iPhone/iPod Touch app for it (I think), as well as an HD version for iPad. These cost money, but you still can use Cleverbot on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with the Safari web browser app since Cleverbot needs no plugin whatsoever.

I love that word – the last one in my last sentence.
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