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I am Sam, a twelve-year-old boy in seventh grade, living currently in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. I am a runner, and Bogota is the perfect place to run, with winding roads, often sloped for a challenge. I also like to play on my iPod Touch, dream of the latest products from Apple, Inc., and getting ACTIVITY on my blog (hint,hint)!!! My favorite group is Owl City. Spaghetti and ravioli and sushi are AWESOME!

I love traveling – even long airport lines are all part of the adventure, and airplanes and hotels rock!

I was lucky enough to meet two of the Chilean miners who were stuck in the ground for months face-to-face, and I got one of their autographs! That’s something that’ll hopefully last through generations . . .

Thank you for visiting my blog; every view counts! If you liked it, please tell your friends!

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