Family of Jerks

Last Sunday, my family and I were, um, “lucky (not really)” enough to meet a family of complete jerks last Saturday. We were at the pool, and my brother and I were playing catch with a squishy ball, one of those that is meant to be in the pool. Suddenly these two girls, younger than me, got right in the middle of our game and intercepted my throw. They then denied that they had our ball, and their mom (rudely!) denied it too when my mom asked her about it.

But that’s only the beginning. This family (the mom, dad and two girls) happened to have their stuff set up right next to where we had ours. Around the same time our own ball went missing, the lady from the other family gave us this other ball, a colorful beach ball they had “found” earlier. Later, my brother and I were playing with THAT ball when that same lady suddenly caught it and swam away with it. Then she and HER family began playing with it. They said they “decided they wanted it back.” Not only that, but when my other, eight-year-old brother was swimming harmlessly by those horrible people, that lady swore at him! And my mom couldn’t even drag an apology out of her.

Well, needless to say, that made me pretty angry inside for the rest of the day. I’m moving on, but I’m pretty sure those people still have our ball. *sigh*

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