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Owl City: A new sound…?

Lately I got to listening to Owl City again – the newest album (All Things Bright and Beautiful) through. I suddenly realized something – and thought, what happened? Why? Because I began to notice that I didn’t like some of the songs there, and the way they were so different from those from the 2009 album, Ocean Eyes. An example of this is the song Kamikaze, which was disappointing to me – I just didn’t like the style. A handful of people commented similar opinions to mine on the album’s iTunes reviews.

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened to me – I jumped to the new album too soon. I “pre-ordered” the album on iTunes over a month before it came out; only one song was even available to preview and buy. So I had no way of knowing if it was worth it to buy the whole album right then and there. Yes, I suppose that’s fine – after all, I loved Owl City’s older style and had no idea this would be…different. And I don’t feel hoodwinked or robbed or swindled; I just know that from now on…I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch (in other words, I shouldn’t get my music before it’s released) ;-).


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Miraculous Hamster

Cleopatra is our family’s hamster, and a few days ago, she went missing from her cage. We searched all over our apartment, and even blocked the space under the door so if was still somewhere in the house, she wouldn’t wander out under the door.

On Saturday morning, Cleopatra was found – in the parking garage of the neighboring building to ours. She was dirty, and thinner than before, but she was very much alive. Yes, she has been keeping to herself a lot since then, but she may have been injured – apparently someone kicked her at one point, so she may be healing.

To make things a little clearer: The hamster crawled out the door, went down several flights of stairs, crossed a busy driveway and survived a parking garage. How she did all this, we don’t know, but I’m just relieved she is okay.

We really can’t let something like this happen again.


Google Chat and Skype

Google sure does know how to rival everything, don’t they? They know people will go for their stuff even if it’s just their approach to someone else’s original product. Why? I think that because so many people have Google accounts, they go for it when they can get another free service without setting up another account.

And I have to admit, since I’ve got a new netbook now with a webcam, I went for Google Chat, which from the title you can probably guess is their version of Skype. Yes, I have Skype too, but some other people I know have this Google Chat thing, and I thought, why not? I still only have the video/voice chat plugin, which means that I can only make calls through an Internet browser over Gmail, iGoogle or orkut, which, by the way, is Google’s Facebook equivalent, I believe.

What do you think Google will copy next?! 🙂 Let me know here or at our new Facebook page. Like! Comment! Subscribe! (Wow, I kind of almost sounded like a YouTuber there!!)


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SWA is AWeSome!

Bags fly free…on Southwest! At least the first two checked bags. Speaking of Southwest, one week ago was my 13th birthday and we happened to be traveling on Southwest Airlines that day! Turns out my mom had told the flight attendants it was my birthday at the beginning of the flight, so as the plane was on final approach (that means coming in to land), and it was dark out, the flight attendant dimmed the lights, and had everyone press their call buttons. This caused small lights to turn on all throughout the 737’s cabin, like candles, and then of course everyone sang “Happy Birthday!” And then of course I blew out the candles! =)

You will not get that on United Airlines…

And speaking of Southwest – one of the funniest pre-flight announcements I’ve heard (unfortunately this isn’t my own video!)…

Haven’t seen my previous Southwest Airlines post? Check it out here!

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Family of Jerks

Last Sunday, my family and I were, um, “lucky (not really)” enough to meet a family of complete jerks last Saturday. We were at the pool, and my brother and I were playing catch with a squishy ball, one of those that is meant to be in the pool. Suddenly these two girls, younger than me, got right in the middle of our game and intercepted my throw. They then denied that they had our ball, and their mom (rudely!) denied it too when my mom asked her about it.

But that’s only the beginning. This family (the mom, dad and two girls) happened to have their stuff set up right next to where we had ours. Around the same time our own ball went missing, the lady from the other family gave us this other ball, a colorful beach ball they had “found” earlier. Later, my brother and I were playing with THAT ball when that same lady suddenly caught it and swam away with it. Then she and HER family began playing with it. They said they “decided they wanted it back.” Not only that, but when my other, eight-year-old brother was swimming harmlessly by those horrible people, that lady swore at him! And my mom couldn’t even drag an apology out of her.

Well, needless to say, that made me pretty angry inside for the rest of the day. I’m moving on, but I’m pretty sure those people still have our ball. *sigh*

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