Customize your colors in Gmail!

Gmail, which you undoubtedly know is Google’s email domain, comes with many different themes, like Android, Graffiti, and many more. There are also basic color themes, too. But the thing I like to do for my theme is customize it. For example, right now, my Gmail theme consists of several sandy, reddish-brownish colors like a desert, but in the background, there is also a photo which I took myself. It is of a rattlesnake we happened to see while hiking in Colorado last summer in 2010. The snake was out in the open, slithering at the edge of the path. It didn’t rattle or bite us, but another snake we had seen earlier on the hike, off of the path, had. It rattled as our family slowly tiptoed by. It rattled as our friends slowly tiptoed by. It rattled as I slowly tiptoed by, snapping photos. Weird combination, huh?

Anyway, it’s real fun to customize your theme. Start by just customizing a simple color theme – make it as bizzare as you please. But then, try making a new custom theme with a photo in the background – when you do that, put the photo in first, and then add good colors to go with it. You might have to experiment with cropping the photo beforehand before you put it in and it shows the part you want. So, don’t use a portrait if you can help it – you might just end up with a tuft of hair and the background at the top of the page, and a chin or feet with the foreground at the bottom. Instead, use a landscape picture – maybe with mountains at the top, and the outskirts of a little town in the foothills at the bottom.

That sounds nice.

I don’t know if other emails have this like Gmail does, but I don’t need to set up an account with a bunch of different services and find out. Tired of a boring theme? Customize it! Don’t have Gmail? Sign up today!

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