Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is coming up soon! I’m so psyched (“Psyched” seems to be a word that seems fancy but everyone knows it)! So, anyway, I am looking forward to getting out of school on June 15, and leaving for the United States on the 18th. First we’re going to Colorado, but after a few days, I’ll be leaving on a three-week trip alone to Pennslyvania. Because I have been accepted into the CTY (Center For Talented Youth), a program for kids that’s kind of like summer camp. But it’s NOT school, and I’ll be taking a pyschology course (This seems to be a post with several “psy” words.). I’m really excited about getting in, since I had to take the SAT, and get a tuberculosis test since I live overseas. I tested negative, probably because tuberculosis isn’t something you find here in Colombia. So I’m relieved that now that I’ve got an airline ticket (I think), I’ll be set to go in June. Unfortunately, I will miss the Fourth of July in my hometown, and maybe a family trip, but I know my parents want me to go, and I do too.

I am looking forward to turning thirteen this August, and finally being able to join Facebook and stuff. Hope all you readers aren’t having too slow a year; for me, the beginning of the year dragged on day by day, probably thanks to the fact I was coming to a new school. But now, the weeks are zipping by, and there’s only about a month until school’s out, and barely over that until we leave for the United States. I will hopefully keep posting during my time in Pennslyvania, but until then, I’ll try to keep this up!

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