Speak to a computer, Owl City updates and new blog!

A few weeks ago I heard about a fun website, Cleverbot.com, which is very simple but very entertaining. All you do is type in a message like you’re instant messaging with a friend and voila! It gives you a computerized answer. Sometimes the answers make sense and sometimes they are hilariously random; sometimes they’re some of both! But we do know that it is NOT a human chatting; it’s a computer! Check it out through the link above. By the way, there is also an iPhone/iPod Touch app for it (I think), as well as an HD version for iPad. These cost money, but you still can use Cleverbot on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with the Safari web browser app since Cleverbot needs no plugin whatsoever.

I love that word – the last one in my last sentence.

And, in other news (*chuckle*), Owl City has released its new music video for “Alligator Sky (feat. Shawn Chrystopher)” and is available to watch on the OwlCityVEVO YouTube channel. Or right here.

Also check out the making of…

It’s also available on iTunes for $1.99.

Owl City also has a new app, free for a limited time: Owl City Galaxy. Comes with exclusive updates, posts and an exclusive track only available on the app: Lonely Lullaby. Get it while it’s free!

One more thing: I will be adding another site to my blogroll, disruptiveforce.net. Check it out!


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