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Ghosts From Flight 401

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was a Lockheed Tristar coming in to land in Miami. The landing gear was lowered, but the light that indicated the front gear had locked in place didn’t turn on. All three members of the cockpit crew: captain, first officer and engineering expert, were worried that the plane couldn’t land safely, and it was pitch dark out over Miami. The captain decided to circle around and try landing again, and programs the Tristar’s sophisticated auto-pilot to fly at 2,000 feet. Then, the plane circled over the Everglades to try landing in Miami again. Read the rest of this entry »


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EA Mobile Games

Monopoly, The Game of Life, Scrabble. These games are always a great pastime, but now, there’s a new way to get them: on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Electronic Arts has teamed up with Hasbro to create mobile versions of classic board games, and you can buy them on the Apple Store for great low prices. Now, these games are easier to play, set up and look especially amazing on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display screen (and iPod Touch 4). And the iPhone/iPod’s unique features make the games even better; in Monopoly, you shake to roll the dice. In the Game of Life you twirl your finger on the touch screen to spin. 3-D graphics make the game a beautiful experience, and there are so many games to choose from. There are board games like Monopoly and Risk, video games like the Sims 3, and even games exclusively from EA, like Survive High School. So if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad, definitely look into this, especially if you have one with Retina Display. And, of course, confirm that you like the actual game! And that you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Buy Monopoly app!

Buy Scrabble!

Buy Game of Life!

Buy Risk!

Remember, if you have an iPad, there are HD iPad versions of many of these! And, check out the EA Mobile Games website to see all of there iGames (iGames?!) and any sales going on (look for sales especially during holidays like Christmas or Easter, or at important times of the year, like the summer solstice).

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The Ugly Truth: It’s impossible to check out

Well, you might know that Book #5 of Jeff Kinney’s best-selling series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, about middle-schooler Greg Heffley’s adolescent hardships, is out, and true to its name, it holds the ugly truth that it is nearly impossible to get from the library, despite there being three copies in the catalog.

(*deep breath*)

I have been waiting for WEEKS to check it out and it still hasn’t showed up. Jeez, what are the people who have it checked out DOING with it? And I have it on hold!


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Google Earth Blog

Hello, everyone! Today I’d like to show you a new blog I like: Google Earth Blog! The Google Earth Blog is an awesome site that is your guide to Google Earth. Every post will tell about a new, unannounced feature, hacks or add-ons, and is the ultimate guide to find all of the suprises Google has concealed in Earth, including the flight simulator (check out that link for my post on the flight simulator).

So definitely check out the Google Earth blog; I will put it in my blogroll too. You could find out something new every day! One of the first posts I saw was the flight simulator cock-pit add-on post. Check that out, too – it’s really neat!

Check out GE Blog!

Download Google Earth 6!

Look around, too, if you like, and tell me what you find out!

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Hey! Just wanted to make a quick post to say I’ve figured out how to give you readers a handy way to subscribe to my blog. As you may have noticed, there is now a new widget to the right. It should be just to the right of this post, unless you’re reading it a while after I first published it, and it’s down at the bottom of this page. But you can’t miss it; it’s a widget like my blogroll. So anyway, if you like my blog please subscribe! That’d be great! Thanks! In advance!

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Customize your colors in Gmail!

Gmail, which you undoubtedly know is Google’s email domain, comes with many different themes, like Android, Graffiti, and many more. There are also basic color themes, too. But the thing I like to do for my theme is customize it. For example, right now, my Gmail theme consists of several sandy, reddish-brownish colors like a desert, but in the background, there is also a photo which I took myself. It is of a rattlesnake we happened to see while hiking in Colorado last summer in 2010. The snake was out in the open, slithering at the edge of the path. It didn’t rattle or bite us, but another snake we had seen earlier on the hike, off of the path, had. It rattled as our family slowly tiptoed by. It rattled as our friends slowly tiptoed by. It rattled as I slowly tiptoed by, snapping photos. Weird combination, huh?

Anyway, it’s real fun to customize your theme. Start by just customizing a simple color theme – make it as bizzare as you please. But then, try making a new custom theme with a photo in the background – when you do that, put the photo in first, and then add good colors to go with it. You might have to experiment with cropping the photo beforehand before you put it in and it shows the part you want. So, don’t use a portrait if you can help it – you might just end up with a tuft of hair and the background at the top of the page, and a chin or feet with the foreground at the bottom. Instead, use a landscape picture – maybe with mountains at the top, and the outskirts of a little town in the foothills at the bottom.

That sounds nice.

I don’t know if other emails have this like Gmail does, but I don’t need to set up an account with a bunch of different services and find out. Tired of a boring theme? Customize it! Don’t have Gmail? Sign up today!

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Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is coming up soon! I’m so psyched (“Psyched” seems to be a word that seems fancy but everyone knows it)! So, anyway, I am looking forward to getting out of school on June 15, and leaving for the United States on the 18th. First we’re going to Colorado, but after a few days, I’ll be leaving on a three-week trip alone to Pennslyvania. Because I have been accepted into the CTY (Center For Talented Youth), a program for kids that’s kind of like summer camp. But it’s NOT school, and I’ll be taking a pyschology course (This seems to be a post with several “psy” words.). I’m really excited about getting in, since I had to take the SAT, and get a tuberculosis test since I live overseas. I tested negative, probably because tuberculosis isn’t something you find here in Colombia. So I’m relieved that now that I’ve got an airline ticket (I think), I’ll be set to go in June. Unfortunately, I will miss the Fourth of July in my hometown, and maybe a family trip, but I know my parents want me to go, and I do too.

I am looking forward to turning thirteen this August, and finally being able to join Facebook and stuff. Hope all you readers aren’t having too slow a year; for me, the beginning of the year dragged on day by day, probably thanks to the fact I was coming to a new school. But now, the weeks are zipping by, and there’s only about a month until school’s out, and barely over that until we leave for the United States. I will hopefully keep posting during my time in Pennslyvania, but until then, I’ll try to keep this up!

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