Mozilla Firefox vs. Safari vs. Internet Explorer vs. Google Chrome vs… ⎮ Part 2

OK, so here are the ups and downs with Google Chrome and Firefox…


Ah, Google Chrome. They really need to rival everything, don’t they? First the Android, then their video chat, and now a web browser too, huh? Here are the positives and negatives:

Chrome, like Safari, is a very simple browser. It’s got some pretty good features and VERY quick access to Google (obviously). It also, unlike Explorer, already knows a bunch of sites at the beginning. You can start typing in a web-page, and chances are it’ll pop up. Chrome also will obviously detect a foreign language instantly and offer to translate it. In other words, if you love the advanced simplicity and easy-access of Google, I would recommend downloading Chrome. You just kind of have to figure out how it all works, and you’re a happy camper.

BUT… (should I stop saying that?)

Although it has cool, simple looks like Safari, it still is kind of isolated. You have instant access to Google and that’s all. And, although it doesn’t crash often, it can be slow at times. Just like Safari, it doesn’t support toolbars like Firefox and Internet Explorer do, and it is a little hard to figure it out fully.

And lastly…


I think Mozilla Firefox is the only browser I know that doesn’t have its maker involve itself in the other battles like for phones, computers and internet chats. They kind of just focus on their browser, which makes it pretty cool. How? Well…

Firefox supports toolbars like Explorer, but can also be much faster than
Explorer, too. It is a newer browser, and as of March 2011, they just came out with version 4. An awesome thing about Firefox is the Persona themes, which really can make the browser look cool if you choose a good one. While Firefox is different and more modern than Internet Explorer, it also is not isolated like Safari and Chrome. It supports toolbars, and Mozilla is always going on about how secure it is. It’s nice to see a competent browser out there from something other than Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.

B — (forget it; that’s gotten old) HOWEVER…

The whole “secure” thing does get annoying sometimes. When you try to access something on a secure local intranet, Firefox often blocks it completely, instead of just warning you in a little pop-up window about the whole safety mumbo-jumbo. Then you have to go to settings, say this is safe, blah blah blah. Another thing is, Firefox might be cool looking, but it isn’t that advanced like Chrome, although toolbars can be downloaded.

Well, there it is: The ultimate, two-part, positive-and-negative overview of the Big Four.

Click here to check out/download Firefox 4.

Click here to check out/download Safari 5.

Click here to check out/download Internet Explorer 9.

Click here to check out/download Google Chrome.

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