Mozilla Firefox vs. Safari vs. Internet Explorer vs. Google Chrome vs… ⎮ Part One


But what exactly do you have to gain from each? Which one would you choose in the end? Here are some pros and cons!

 Safari is Apple’s web browser – they might not be in the search engine battle, but they didn’t want to be left out of this one!

So anyway, Safari is a fairly fast browser that’s easy to use, “sleek ‘n’ simple,” and has easily accessed bookmarks. It also has one of those entertaining computer “read text” thingies where you highlight text on a page, right click (ctrl-click on a laptop with finger pad) and go to Speech > Start Speaking. Cool, huh?


The Safari application is kinda limited. It does not support toolbars like Internet Explorer and Firefox do, and on some online-edit places, tools aren’t supported. The application also crashes often when watching YouTube videos or while viewing complex Flash stuff like Prezi.

I’m guessing Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers that’s still here today. After all, while Firefox just now got its software version 4, Internet Explorer is on 9 or something (as of today, March 25, 2011). It supports toolbars, has changed its look a lot, and usually never crashes with things like YouTube videos.


Internet Explorer might be less isolated, but it still looks pretty boring, and even more so considering that it has been around a lot longer than other web browsers. It can often be quite slow, even on Windows 7, and although it doesn’t crash completely, it does just about the same thing when it “stops responding.”

Well, two browsers down. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too long a post, so Firefox and Chrome will be in the next post. Thanks for reading! Oh, and what’s YOUR impression of these web browsers?

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