Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, but I am in seventh grade, after all…

Anyway, here is my review of TED Talks.

TED is a cool site filled with videos and talks about all sorts of ideas and projects, and more videos are being uploaded all the time. One of my favorite videos, and the first one I ever watched, was about crows, and how they have adapted to human environments and are extremely intelligent. It shows things from crows getting food from traffic to a vending machine for crows. You’ll have to watch the video for the full effect.

This is one of the latest and most amazing TED talks I’ve seen; check it out!

Cool, huh? So, here’s the website. It’s really simple: TED.com. Here are a few more of my favorite videos (including the crows talk); these you should watch on the website:

Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows

Patrick Chappatte: The power of cartoons

If you like them, definitely look for others and tell me about ’em! Also, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, try the TED Mobile app, with all the videos as the desktop site. It’s free, and it’s hard to say no to good free stuff…

Well, there you go; hope you enjoy TED talks and hopefully I will start posting more again!

  1. #1 by shawntel on March 16, 2011 - 12:27 PM

    Brill as usual!! Check out this site I found today….might want to review it on a future post. http://playinterrobang.com/

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