Mega Jump

Mega Jump is one of the top free apps on the iTunes App Store, and is a fun, simple game with high-quality, 3-D graphics. The main point of the game is to guide your character through an ever-changing world, starting at a sunny forest and going all the way out to the edge of the galaxy. In order to prevent yourself from falling, you must grab coins to boost you up; one hundred coins collected awards you with ten Mega Points, which you can use to unlock or upgrade power-ups, characters and more! You can also attain Mega Points by downloading and opening specified apps, or buying them through iTunes in and in-app purchase. Obstacles will block your way, pushing you down and losing your coins. Enemies will do the same thing, but you can vaporize enemies into a cloud of smoke by stomping on their head, giving you bonus points.

This game also supports Game Center and OpenFeint, two of the largest social networks for iPhone games.


openfeint-logoIf you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, and you don’t have this app, you ought to try it. It is free, fun, and always has goals: beating that score, unlocking that power-up, or clearing that stage. And the best part about it is it keeps coming out with more stuff to unlock, so you won’t get bored. This game is definitely a game you should get. Learn more about Mega Jump and other apps from Get Set Games at


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