The Evolution of Watches

Like most people, you probably own a wristwatch. Cool. What kind? A nifty digital one with big digits on a little screen from Timex? Maybe a fancy, stylish analog one from Rolex? Maybe one with television?

Hold up. Television? On a watch? That’s impossible! Or not…
Watches are some of the most diverse things on earth. With so many styles and brands to choose from, if there were a department store just for watches, I’ll bet the employees would start checking time with their BlackBerry or any mobile phone. Even a clock! Because seeing all those watches every day would not get any better by WEARING one. But today, there are some crazy watches in the world, beyond Rolex and Casio. Imagine a watch with Wi-Fi connectivity to your computer on it!

I often used to dream up weird watches watches with things like video games and LCD screens, but that apparently was not avant-garde of me at ALL. Because now, I have heard about watches with Skype, Wi-Fi connectivity, television and FM radio. So obviously, the cool diving watches I’ve heard about are NOT the biggest advance anymore.
Imagine how the guy felt, the guy who first figured out how to put all the mechanism of a grandfather clock into an inch-long circle. I respect that guy, but I’m sure he’d just gape at watches today. I mean, while lots of people still have and prefer analog watches, a serious percentage of gears have been replaced by circuit boards and LCD screens. Watches are going to become bigger and bigger parts of our life increasingly quickly. And I think it is not at all avant-garde of me to say that in ten years or less, people will be walking around in winter wearing T-shirts and shorts, being kept warm throughout their bodies by an inch-long circle on their wrist: the ever-changing thing we barely notice, but is definitely something we shouldn’t take for granted.

The wristwatch: like a human. Always changing, but having characteristics that it keeps throughout an eternity.

  1. #1 by Shawn on March 6, 2011 - 8:55 AM

    WOW…I learned something new today…SKYPE in a watch? That is super cool. I know people who are addicted to watches (esp. dive watches) and all the newest technologies. Love your blog, Sam. You have great voice and a mature style. Keep writing!

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