Running Tip

This one is for the runners . . . Yes, I am a runner.

Before I really started running, I walked. Uphill. At least thrice a week.

Thrice . . . Ha-ha. You should also consider music. I ALWAYS listen to U2. Their music is motivating and great to listen to when running. From I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For to Where The Streets Have No Name to Beautiful Day, you’ll never get tired of the same U2 songs when running. And don’t shuffle. It’s nice when running to have a routine, though you want to get you body to do new things, so take different routes sometimes.

And the Nike+iPod thing is awesome, and worth it, iPod Touch/Nano users. But for Nano, you’ll need to get an external piece to plug into it, and it’ll work differently than an iPod Touch, which only needs the sensor chip to attach to your sneaker. Here’s what the sensor AND external pieces look like:


Now, remember, you DON’T need a “Nike+” shoe to use the sensor. You can get a little pouch that attaches to your shoelace; this comes from brands like Belkin. I have shoes from The North Face.

A cool little chip, though, huh? And as far as I know, the [chip] is waterproof, because I’m pretty sure I washed mine by accident once (I wouldn’t try it as a test, but if you already have one of these and discovered it IS waterproof, please tell me).

Well, if you have any other tips to make about running, leave ’em right here! Happy New Year!


  1. #1 by mrsterrythomas on March 4, 2011 - 5:08 AM

    I discovered (too late) that if you don’t buy the Nike shoe, you need to buy a little pouch to attach to your shoelace. Now I’ve switched to a non-Nike shoe and I can’t use my little device! What are the chances of finding one of those pouches in Colombia?

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