JellyCar and its followup

To iPhone/iPod Touch users: Maybe you’ve heard about the app JellyCar from Walaber. This is an old, free simple app with many fun, addictive levels. It’s a great app, and the levels go like this: Your car is actually made of jelly, and makes noises as it squashes and tumbles through the sketched JellyCar world. All in all, this is a fun app, and you’ll laugh out loud when your car spins around out of control, till finally it has stretched too much and the words “Car Broken” appear on the screen 😀

It was great, until Disney bought it. And they decided to make a JellyCar 2. Now, I myself do not own this 99¢ app, but a friend of mine does, and when I tried JellyCar 2 on his iPod Touch, it was THE biggest disappointment in apps for me. In JellyCar 2, the car might look flashy, but it’s stiff, annoying, and all in all, the fun of simplicity found in the original JellyCar is gone. Now there is a JellyCar 3…
If you already have it, which one do you like better: JellyCar 3, 2, or original? Let me know!

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